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Lego Lightsaber Blade

This lightsaber Blade wand is a top-of-the-line addition to your Lego build! The Blade wand is a practical feature because it makes it possible to adopt two pieces to create a complete sentence, the Blade wand is furthermore a valuable feature because it is possible to adopt it to create different lights and sounds. The wand as well a valuable feature because it is possible to operate it to create a complete sentence.

Lego Lightsaber Blades

This is an excellent buy! The sword renders lots of fun lightsabers with it, the hilts are in top-rated condition too. This would make an enticing addition to your Lego sword collection, this Lego orange lightsaber Blade is a top addition to your part shop. It is a little bit serviceable but it does have a bit of a history, it is from the series Lego orange lightsabers and it is a good bit original to the primary colors. This Blade is a little bit different and interesting and will make your part shop stand out, this yellow lightsaber is included in the set. It renders a bar in the front that says "lightsaber" and extends two lights, it is produced of plastic and presents a gray background. The handle is green and offers a light at the end of it, the Blade is long and provides a blue background. This lightsaber Blade is dark, but with a light up effect, it would be peerless for an obi-wan or anakin skywalker minifigure, the Blade extends a silver anodizing and the hilts are made of plastic.