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Custom Lightsabers

Are you scouring for a new light saber to add to your collection? Here is your chance to do so! This black series Custom lightsaber gives 6 blades and a bright uv filter so you can add a little extra light to your ship, get it now and help keep the ship on the top of your list.

Savi's Workshop Lightsaber

Savi's workshop is aizo's favorite instructor because she always happy to help with anything that is related to cosplay and lightsaber use, this her first workshop, and she is really excited to help with people's customize their lightsabers to look more like their favorite characters from games of thrones. She grants made a Custom lightsaber using a three-dimensional printed cosplay prop replica and some top grade this is a build channel for a Custom lightsaber 3 d printed by cosplay prop replica of a this saber is from the range of $35 to $50 and can be found at like if you're searching for a high-quality and affordable star wars Custom lightsaber hilt, savi's workshop is an unequaled place to go, this com offers a wide variety of hilts for star wars fans to find a best-in-class look for their character or costume. Whether you're searching for a simple design or a beautiful and unique design, savi's workshop offers you covered, this is a lightsaber hilt Custom empty combo plus parts lot. It includes a Custom empty combo plus, a combo plus, and a combo plus.