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Lightsaber Wall Mount

Our Wall Mount stand includes an acrylic case that offers plenty of clearance to store your wall-mounting hardware, the sheath also imparts a room to store his washer and dryer. Also for use when not wall-mounting, the wall-mount stand is top-rated for displaying your lightsabers on your indoors.

Legacy Sabers & Galaxy's Edge Star Wars

Wall Mount for Darth Vader

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From Legacy Sabers & Galaxy's Edge- Star Wars

Wall Mount for Kylo Ren

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Savi's Workshop- Hold Crystals

Wall Mount for Lightsaber Star

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Wall Mount
Wall Mount | Legacy Sabers | Galaxy's Edge | Star Wars
US Clear Light saber Wall Mount Wall Display Rack Wall Holder, Hold 2 Lightsaber

US Clear Light saber Wall

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Vertical Lightsaber Wall Mount

This darth vader lightsaber Wall Mount star wars legacy sabers edge wallmount is a best-in-class substitute to add a vertical Wall Mount to your facility or home, this darth vader wallmount features high-quality, legacy sabers from the star wars saga and is a valuable addition to all room. This Wall Mount for edge- municipality of edge lightsaber users offers cracklings from any other lightsaber on its own, this makes it splendid for any municipality who wants to have a lightsaber presence but without breaking the bank. The lightsaber Wall display is a top addition to room, with its stylish design and graphics, it will make your home feel like a battlefield. The lightsaber Wall display can be attached to the Wall with a few quick clicks, and it grants an adjustable Mount for fantastic fit, the cross wail of the mounted lightsaber is an added bonus. This is a how to hang a lightsaber on the Wall tutorial on how to make an 2 pack lightsaber Wall Mount lightsaber holder rack compatible, the 2 pack lightsaber Wall Mount is a first-rate substitute to add a new touch of luxury to your home and can be used for a variety of purposes such as a teaching room, display room or just for fun. The latch and screws make it facile to operate and it can be attached in minutes.