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Shoto Lightsaber

This lock up metal handle 12 colors heavy fighting lightsaber blaster is a sterling substitute to keep your property safe and make you feel defendable, this bulkier than up lightsaber blaster is fabricated of heavy fighting metal and presents 12 colors to choose from. It is 12" l lightsaber blaster with an 12" l handle and an 12" l mouth, the lock up handle is fabricated of heavy fighting metal and imparts an 12" l length when unlocking the lightsaber blaster.

Is A Shoto Lightsaber

This ahsoka tano lightsaber is a new lightsaber and is currently in empty hilt 2022, it is a beautiful and is a first rate addition to all collection. This lightsaber is produced from japanese art and made from skilled craftsmanship, it is rare to find a lightsaber custom made this way. The blade is in excellent condition with no flaws, the handle is additionally in outstanding condition. The guardian of the jedi order, a jedi tribe, and the most highly respected of their order, the lightsaber is a rare sith lightsaber that was only available to the most distinguished members of the sith senate. It was made by a powerful jedi scientist named however, the lightsaber quickly died in the hands of the then new sith president, darth vader, darth vader bought the lightsaber from and used it to fight against the new sith alternative army. In the battle, vader lost the lightsaber but gained the power to control the wind, this allowed him to flow through objects and deal massive damage. The lightsaber is a key story character in the star wars series, she is a powerful light-armoredluke skywalker- her own personal guard and familiar with the galaxy's best lightsabre- she is the one for luke. Her force-powered version of lightsaber combat, and her ability to shield wall and block attacks with her flesh- mage skills are integral to her mode of operation.