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Savi's Workshop Lightsaber Parts

If you're scouring for fun and excitement in your star wars edge workshop, we have the Parts to help you out! Our lightsabers are created with quality in mind, and all of our Parts are from a close up of in the real world! Thesavi's Workshop lightsaber Parts are top-of-the-line alternative to make your work as an edge Workshop member stand out and make you look like a hero! Plus, we'll have all the usual tv and movies Parts too, to make your work as an edge Workshop member even more exciting.

Blade Savi’s Workshop Scrap Parts
Scrap Metal Parts

Lightsaber Scrap Metal

This dummy lightsaber scrap metal part is for use with the Workshop scrap metal Parts edge saw horses, it extends two dummy lightsabers that have been cut out and affixed to the front drive rack. The lightsabers can be used to create a dummy lightsaber fighter, the galaxy edge lightsaber Parts are full set with everything you need to create your own lightsaber games and stories. There are scissor blades, posts, and a metal light saber, this part is for the following lightsaber: savi's lightsaber grants a full set of parts: metal light saber, peace and justice scrap metal light stand, and peace and justice scrap Parts metal light stand. This is product and will be sold as is, this product is produced of scrap metal and is not a physical object.