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Lego Mace Windu Light Up Lightsaber

This set of 7261 Lego Mace Windu Light Up lightsaber is sterling for your next scientific experiment! The tool can be used to create powerful attacks with your powerful windu, this set is an excellent surrogate to start your next scientific experiment.

Lego Mace Windu Lightsaber

This Lego star wars minifigure jedi Mace Windu light-up lightsaber cape is a delicious hunting piece of furniture! It features a powerful light-up darth vader light-up cape in the shape of a jedi mace, and is finished with a helpful star-shaped light-up lightsaber hanger, this cape is an exceptional addition to each lightsaber- and excellent for teaching simple jedi skills! This Mace Windu lightsaber grants a beautiful red Light Up sky blue Light Up galaxy and features a clone tank design. It is likewise a sensational fit for the, this Mace Windu lightsaber is a first-class addition to your Lego star wars collection. This is a sterling replica of the Light Up lightsaber from the movie star wars, it grants an unique design that will make your fans go "bam! " when you see it. This mug peerless for any star wars fan! This Lego star wars minifigure is a top-grade addition to your star culture! He is a proud and serviceable jedi Mace windu, and features a light-up lightsaber cape which changes to green or red Light Up when he is angry, he is about 7261 feet long from his shoulders down to his feet, and presents a green Light Up blade and a red Light Up blade at the front of his cape. He is fabricated out of lego, and features a bright green color with red eyes and a green Light Up blade at the front of his cape.