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Asajj Ventress Double Bladed Lightsaber

This Ventress lightsaber is a beautiful Double blade that is built to look like a real lightsaber, it comes with our signature series wars snaps on top for protection and looks sensational on anyone who see it. From here, you use the Double blade for tournament defense or use it as a video game excitement textures assets for a high level of excitement, the holograms that sit atop the top blade are also very impressive and will help add even more excitement to the fight scene.

Best Asajj Ventress Double Bladed Lightsaber

The Ventress Double Bladed lightsaber is an unique sith lightsaber that is hand-named after the Ventress the slayer, a powerful jedi princess, this lightsaber is a replica of the Double blade found on the hit series "star wars" television series. The Ventress Double blade is hand-crafted from durable stainless steel and features two saber-like teeth along the top and bottom, the Double blade is enhanced with points that this lightsaber is a top-of-the-heap addition to each star wars collection and is dandy for any user who wants to show their force use skills. The Ventress Double blade lightsaber is a new series of weapon from the star wars hasbro signature series, this weapon is a replica of the ventress, a powerful battleship of the star wars galaxy, and it features two Bladed swords on each side. The blade on the front is about twice the length of the blade on the back, the Ventress Double blade lightsaber is designed to fight on the front of a ship, where firepower is more important than protecting the back. This weapon is practical for military or sith warriors who need to take on enemy ships head on, with its sleek design and powerful moves, Ventress lightsaber peerless for any action-packed battle. Whether you're fighting with this lightsaber at home, or taking it to the next level in the field, this lightsaber is dandy for your collection, the Ventress Double Bladed lightsaber is a fans favorite character from the star wars universe. This new model is built with two blade tips that are.