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Star Wars Curved Lightsaber

This amazing obi wan kenobi-style blade is in an unique Curved hilt and is lit up with danielle d'angelo's dark mirrored blade lightsabers, the blade is in a grit with a realistic Curved darth vader-style beard and sith-style hair, and is excellent for adding a touch of extra spice to you pages.

Purple Lightsaber Hilt

This purple lightsaber hilt is a rare Curved hilt trans purple blade lightsaber, it new jedi and comes with purple blade lightsabers and purple lightsaber hilt. This piece is a valuable addition to each lego Star Wars builder's set, these Curved lightsabers are very rare item on the lego Star Wars they are light-up body and light-up hilt, with orange doing the task of lightening up the look. The blade is a light-up gray hilt with a Curved gray blade, these lightsabers are 16 inches in length and have been lightly used but in very good condition. They are from blue and pink plastic, this is a vintage Star Wars 2001 hasbro count dooku red Curved lightsaber. It is be china limited edition and works well tested, some assembly is required. This is a valuable for the young princess or young family that wants to get Star Wars for fun, this lightsaber extends a Curved design that makes it more versatile for your life. The handle is furthermore straightforward to hold and navigate, the stand is additionally comfortable to hold and straightforward to move.