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Sith Stalker Lightsaber

This lightsaber hilt clawed emitter display is first-rate for admirers who wish to create a custom Sith Stalker lightsaber, this electronics-based lightsaber extends a sleek, sleek design that is sterling for advanced lightsaber enthusiasts. It is furthermore compatible with the starkiller's Sith robe and comes with light.

Sith Stalker Lightsaber Walmart

This Sith Stalker lightsaber is a beautiful replica prop 11 scale 73 from the star wars series, this lightsaber is produced from high quality materials, and features a very durable construction. This lightsaber is superb for any star wars Sith character or character from the playoff series, this lightsaber hilt clawed emitter display is for use with our custom Sith stalker! This lightsaber can be personalized with any quality glass, ceramic, or plastic weapon fragment. The lightsaber hilt clawed emitter display is practical for presenting or attaching to your costume or clothing, it features a beautiful, distressingly still-looking Sith Stalker banner and hilt. The blade is manufactured of durable metals and clamps onto the barbs on the starkiller's shoulder gauntlets, meaning that it can be used with both your hand and your lightsaber, the claws on the are also standard issue on lightsabers. The Sith Stalker lightsaber prop is a beautiful, 11-scale 73 lightsaber that features replicas of the Sith lord's lightsabers, this prop is enticing for someone interested in the star wars Sith Stalker galaxy of galaxy far, far away.