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Qui Gon Jinn Lightsaber Color

This qui-gon Jinn action figure is a fantastic addition to star wars fans collection! With top-of-the-line colors and a cool lightsaber color, this figure is sure to add to the excitement and excitement of your star wars fans! Nos a2 quality, this figure is sure to give your fans the best of the best.

Top 10 Qui Gon Jinn Lightsaber Color

This Qui Gon Jinn lightsaber is an action figure based on the episode i qui-gon jinn, with a colorful 3-d painter treatment, it comes with a nos action figure cover, and is produced out of plastic and metal. The figure is impressive to look at, with its colorful lights and the jinns in blue and green colors all over the figure, and the blade of the lightsaber, the figure also comes with a rendered painting of the galaxy in the light of the sun, and a painting of the jinns in the dark. The painting is a beautiful variant, and is fabricated out of hard plastic and gives a nice finish, the figure is large and heavy, standing at 5. 5 inches tall and 3, 5 inches wide. This toy is based on his personality and features his substitute of Color as well as his lightsaber grip and Color scheme, this toy also includes a number of accessories and features, including a shotgun, that can be used to create different effects and enhancements to his lightsaber. This toy is sure to please fans of star wars and action figures in general, the Qui Gon Jinn lightsaber Color is green. Gift to obi-wan, this figure is based on the character qui-gong from the star wars saga who is a vietnamese activist and also was the first vietnamese president.