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Lightsaber Replica

Looking for a delicious alternative to celebrate your favorite stars wars characters? Don't search more than to purchase a lightsaber Replica of obi-wan, this prop is inspired by the character and looks fantastic as a fun and stylish cosplay.

Prop Replica Empty
Collectible Proffie2.2 Pixel Replica
Master Replicas Obi-wan Kenobi Lightsaber Dueling Rgb

Metal Star Wars Lightsaber Master

By YuRusStudios


Prop Master Replica!
Scaled Replica .45 Scale Sw-300


By Master Replicas


Silver Metal 16 Colors Rgb Light Replica

Hot Star Wars Luke Skywalker

By Unbranded


Master Replica Lightsaber

The master Replica lightsaber is a first-class weapon for suitors who covet to fight with the best of the best, with its heavy dueling rechargeable hilt, this Replica is ready for any battle. This is a Replica of the star wars lightsaber that is used in the movie, star wars, this is a top-notch gift for a suitor who is interested in star wars, or for an individual who wants to wear a star wars dress or want to look like a star wars character. The light sabers are made of metal and have various features and colors, the light sabers have a red light up top and a green light up top. The light sabers have 2 blue light up top lights and 1 green light up top light, they also have a built in flashlight and a built the new lightsaber black series master Replica hilt toy by fx force is a beautiful material with an intricate design. It is over-all beautiful to look at and features a beautiful black marble-like material with some added layers of study, this toy features beautiful black with aobrew-inspired design. The lightsaber is interconnected with internalaobrew-inspired lightsabers, each lightsaber features a different color enameled votive candle in an intricate design. The toy also includes aobrew-inspired lightsabers with different enameling and an unique blade pattern, the refueled series of lightsabers is a new line of silver metal lights that represent the rebel alliance. These lightsabers are inspired by the lights on luke skywalker's lightsaber, which are green and orange, the colors represent the colors of the rebel alliance's colors, the light replicas are 12 of a meter in size, and have a silver metal light that lights up. They look top-rated as part of a look that includes another star wars line, the star wars lightsabers.