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Lego Yoda Lightsaber

Do you grove on spending your time playing with a weapon? Now you can! This Lego star wars lightsaber measures 6346097 and is sterling for the novice smuggler or the powerful general, the blade is manufactured of durable plastic and gives a colorful led light up top, making it a straightforward addition to your battle armor. The student Lego star wars Yoda is an excellent addition to your battle armor and unrivaled for learning about this famous weapon.

(6346097) - New Sealed
Minifigure Star Wars 8018 7964

Yoda Lightsaber Lego

This Yoda lightsaber set is new for you? You'll appreciate the lightsabers around these! This Yoda lightsaber set is a top-rated addition to your home as it comes with a star wars atmosphere! The Lego building game is terrific for mad or star wars fans! The set includes: a Yoda lightsaber, a light saber hilt, a star wars barbeque dish, and a light saber experiments with light sabers was popularized by the movie star wars, this Yoda lightsaber set is sterling for an admirer who loves the movie and/or the series! This is a Lego star wars lightsaber that was new sealed for ebay at a price of $1, Lego star wars yoda's lightsaber is an exceptional deal especially the limited availability. This lightsaber is from the series of Lego star wars and gives been used once, it is in excellent condition with no marks or scars. This lightsaber is 6346097 and is an use only item, this star wars lightsaber is a rare piece of Lego star wars and is a sterling addition to star wars themed home or office. This lightsaber is produced out of durable plastic and gives a beautiful light up system which makes it look and feel like the real deal, the light system is uncomplicated to operations and does all the work for you, making this is a top-of-the-line addition to your star wars themed room.