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Ki Adi Mundi Purple Lightsaber

This Purple lightsaber is from the star wars saga tpm ki-adi-mundi line, it is a high quality lightsaber that is designed for use in your star wars saga. This lightsaber is designed with a Purple color, so you can choose to handle it as a tool to help win or to lose, while in the force, the Purple color is addition to the design and is sure to add to the look and feel of your star wars saga lightsaber. This lightsaber is sure to add to the look and feel of your star wars saga and is sure to please anyone who needs a good tool to help win or lose.

Ki-adi Mundi Purple Lightsaber

This is an 1998 star wars ki-adi-mundi jedi knight card, it is part of the jedi knight card series. The card is fabricated up of pictures of people in different parts of the galaxy, including earth, it is filled with keywords such as jedi knight, card, purple, card, nip. This is a quality ki-adi-mundi jedi knight Purple lightsaber with a Purple color, it provides a red card and is also ce to star wars. This Ki weapon is from the movie star wars and is the top-of-the-heap companion for the ultimate sith warrior, the ki-adi-mundi Purple lightsaber is a must-have for any star wars fan, with its Purple color and sith inspired design, star wars: episode 1 the phantom menace ki-adi-mundi Purple lightsaber is sure to please. Made from top-quality materials, 1998 star wars ki-adi-mundi (jedi knight) Purple lightsaber is sure to make a big impact in the star wars galaxy, this Purple lightsaber is a top-notch addition to your star wars tpm ki-adi-mundi jedi knight card. It offers a beautiful Purple hue to it and is complete with a Purple card, this lightsaber is further quite strong, making it first-rate for use against easier target areas.