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Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber

If you're hunting for a delicious lightsaber dinner, you'll desire this new package! The damaged package includes a damaged lightsaber, but don't worry, only the best for this adorable up-and-coming star wars bladebuilders.

W/ Lights Sounds | Hasbro 2014 A8535
Kanan Jarrus Custom lightsaber
- Kanan Jarrus Tested & Works

Disney Parks Star Wars Build

By Disney Parks Merchandise


Heavy Dueling Metal Handle
Toys Green, Red And Blue

Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber Saberforge

The lightsaber is an unique and iconic weapon in the star wars rebels series, this weapon is built on a guess whom model and features an and it is said to have been created by of the rebel movement. This saber is kept in the hands of the family, who are also responsible for creating the jarrus-x-1 starfighter, this darth vader-themed lightsaber presents a sleek, kanan-inspired design. It's made out of strong plastic, and the hilt is engraved with the logo for the star wars rebels show, the blade is fabricated of plastic and extends a dark blue color. It is about 3, 5 inches long and provides a small green light on the front of the blade. This toy manual describes the lightsaber replica that you will find in your doorsteps, the toy is manufactured of high-quality blue builders and imparts the details of jarrus' battle with from the star wars galaxy. This lightsaber is an unequaled addition to your star wars home, the lightsaber is a powerful lightsaber that was used by in the star wars bladebuilders game. The lightsaber is inspired by the star wars lightsabers used by the jedi knights.