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Jar Jar Binks Lightsaber

This fun and stylish case for your star wars episode 1 collectors watch is splendid for your weapon! It features a cool Jar character design and a beautiful lightsaber material, this case is unequaled for the whole family and splendid for keeping your weapon scouring new.

Jar Jar Binks Red Lightsaber

This is a set of 6 red lightsaber figures that are made to tailor inside of an 2 Jar that contains a stock of light sabers from the star wars episode one phantom menace set, this set of 6 figures are made to serve as a pursuit force wars set and this yummy! Jar lightsaber ball is just fantastic for you rummies! They admire when he does things like that! The ball also provides a lightsaber in it, so you can add that to your collection! This is a sensational Jar that is associated with the 1999 star wars episode 1 movie, it imparts the features of a lightsaber, and watch. The watch offers a top-of-the-heap artwork on the side and the lightsaber grants an outstanding bink's artwork on the side, this Jar is an enticing addition to all watch collection. This is a Jar saber from the star wars episode one phantom menace, she is a lone saber wielding musician from the galaxy far, far beyond the power of the naboo. She is a rare piece of hasbro star wars trivia, because she is not found in the episode one versions of the naboo, this Jar is of 8 figures, in a lot of 8 different colors. She gives an 95% probability of being a Jar saber.