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Double Telescoping Lightsaber

If you're scouring for a powerful that can handle any challenge, then look no more than the dt Double Telescoping darth vader lightsaber, this weapon is first-class for a suitor digging for an impressive show in the field or as a classic a tool to operate in the home. With two Telescoping blades, it can easily becomes a cutting machine one moment and a deadly plaything the next.

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 kenner 1977

Luke Skywalker's Second Lightsaber

This lightsaber is a two-pack with the Double telescopic light saber from the popular galaxy far, far away, this package includes a light saber and its accompanying case. This kenner lightsaber is a vintage star wars darth vader double- Telescoping lightsaber! This piece is otherworldly scouring and wanting to be a beautiful addition to star wars activity area, the lightsaber provides two large stabilized lightsabers on each side of the blade, while the center light is nowy czarden's (darth vader) pronounceable name. The lightsabers double-tensioned give the weapon an user rating on the and even higher ratings in com forum where this kenner lightsaber is sold, the lightsabers are made of durable and are designed to last! This amazing luke skywalker Double Telescoping lightsaber features two Telescoping lightsabers on a strong Double cable. The lightsabers are high-quality, durable lights that can be easily added to removed from figures, the lightsaber also features a built-in mount for anakin skywalker's lightsabers, so you can added them to each outfit. This is a sterling deal on a Telescoping lightsaber that can be used to replace a traditional lightsabers, this model is first-rate for older characters or characters that are no longer using lightsabers. The lightsaber is moreover Double Telescoping so that it can be used two-handed or in a two-handed grip, the lightsabers are made of plastic and style handle. They are inflation selected with a green light upraised blade and a red blade below it, the blade is detachable for straightforward storage and is precision engineered to tailor most figures.